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Revision Services

Editing and proofreading are often assumed to be the same — but they’re not!
These unique jobs are designed for different stages of the revision process.

Editing involves an in-depth look at each sentence to ensure that it’s well designed and serves its purpose.
A great editor will improve the style, flow, and impact of your writing while making sure the overall product is perfect.
Proofreading, on the other hand, is the final stage of the writing process and involves a final check for grammatical issues, punctuation errors,
and spelling mistakes before you share your work.

Which is best for you and your work will depend on where your writing is at:
choose from the list of services below, or ask our editors for an assessment!


✓ Correct language mistakes such as spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation

✓ Ensure consistent formatting throughout your document

From € 2,- per page


✓ Correct language mistakes such as spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation

✓ Ensure consistent formatting throughout your document

✓ Check that the text is clear and concise, and arguments are logically consistent

✓ Identify repetitive structures and word use

✓ Provide personalised feedback to improve the overall impact of your writing

From € 3,- per page

Copywriting Services

Mint Edits provides unparalleled copywriting services. Taking the art and science of strategic writing to heart, we work with you to get your clients to take action! If you are interested in taking your message to the next level, contact us directly at

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Our basic service will check your final draft for any issues in grammar, spelling, punctuation and language. This service is designed to spot and correct minor errors at the end of your editing process. Does your document need one last critical eye before you share it? We can help with that!


Our advanced editing process enhances the quality of your writing with additional emphasis on word choice, consistency and flow. We’ll make corrections for you wherever possible and include personalised comments where necessary to help you strengthen your final document.


An experienced editor will find and fix all of the issues listed in the service you choose. Once your document is completed, you’ll be sent your editor’s copy with integrated corrections as well as personalised suggestions, where necessary, to guide you through any remaining steps in the perfecting process.


Once you receive your free sample edit, you will have the opportunity to discuss your specific needs with your editor. From there, a timeline will be outlined and an invoice sent. Once you have made the payment, your editor will get to work. From there you can sit back and relax – we’ll notify you by e-mail as soon as your document is ready!

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Louise continues to deliver exceptional translations and editing work. As a native English speaker, she is helping me to produce top quality work for my English clients.

This service is next to none! If you’re after exceptional editing, forget the rest and go to Mint Edits without a doubt!

Harlie McGlasson, Nero Dog Training

Louise works fast but always takes the time to really look at a text and make helpful suggestions regarding structure on top of the grammatical editing.

About our Lead Editor

Louise is a legally-educated justice activist pursuing an adventurous career as an editor, presenter and consultant. Louise is passionate about the power of language and has over ten years of professional editing experience.

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